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"When I was going through the Kansas Institute for Positive Behavior Support (KIPBS) training program and the discussion about systems change was presented, I immediately recognized how having PBS concepts built into the internal network of the agency would benefit all. I presented the idea of developing a training to be used in our employee orientation program. The training was designed to present every new employee with an introduction to PBS concepts and ideas as being the philosophy of this agency and how we approach and work with situation involving challenging behavior in need of positive supports. I was lucky in that the administration was welcoming of this idea and willing to implement the training as presented. I am proud to say I work some place where the KIPBS training not only benefited me in my professional growth but continues to benefit all who are part of the agency I work for and the people we provide services to."
  - Administrator from an Adult Services Agency in Northeast Kansas

"Teachers, administrators, parents, secretaries, lunch staff, paras (paraprofessionals), and most importantly, children, are happier to be in the school, have less negative interactions and more positive interactions as a result of school-wide PBS."
  - School Social Worker in Northeast Kansas

"Positive Behavior Support gives valuable data that helps provide an evidence base for our interventions. Simply put, it shows what works and what doesn’t. Being evidence based is increasingly important as social service dollars become scarcer and more services have to be offered with less money. The most effective methods can be pinpointed and utilized."
  - Mental Health Provider for Special Needs Children in Child Welfare

"I am already using this information in my everyday work and have started thinking how our program and my personal process will incorporate PBS into our work. I have already started expanding the teams for the children I work with and am trying to build a team that will be successful. I build plans based on the child, family and school team and love to watch them implement the plan and move forward working together. I hope to bring in more of the data collection process to our work, and hope to make the PBS process an agency wide process. I know we have started working on a plan to incorporate this, and I am excited for this school year, and having each worker assigned to a classroom to start from the beginning of the school year and support them all year."
  - Mental Health Specialist from Central Kansas

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